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Rubber Extrusions

Rubber Extrusion is a process where an extruder is used to extrude rubber through a opening in a die that has been shaped like the part to be made. An extruder is basically a cylinder or barrel with a helical screw inside that is forcing rubber through the extruder barrel and out the die. A rubber strip is feed in one end of the extruder and exits out the other end. An extruder can be either a hot feed or cold feed extruder. When using a hot feed extruder the rubber must be pre-warmed and plasticized on a rubber mill and made into strips to feed the extruder. In cold feed extrusions the rubber strip need not be warmed but can be feed into the extruder at room temperature thus eliminating part of the process. The barrel and screw on cold feed extruders are much longer than on hot feed extruders which allows the uncured rubber to be plasticized and warmed in the extruder before the rubber reaches the die.

After the rubber part exits the extruder it is conveyed through a continuous curing line or placed in an autoclave for curing before being cut into the required length. Our extrusion department uses both hot feed and cold feed extruders and is equipped with a continuous curing line utilizing microwave curing to produce very long as well as short rubber parts.

Rubber Extrusions


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