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Rubber Compression Molding

Compression Molding, the simplest method of molding rubber, is characterized by the procedure of placing a correctly weighed and shaped preform of uncured rubber directly in each cavity of a mold. These preforms are made in our Tubing Department by forcing uncured rubber through a die using a rubber extruder. The mold cavities are shaped like the part to be produced. The mold is placed in a heated press and using hydraulic pressure the mold is forced shut, compressing the preform, forcing it to flow into the shape of the cavity, thus compression molding. The mold may consist of single or multiple cavities determined by the size of the part and the quantity requirements. After the required amount of time and temperature to fully cure the rubber part the mold is opened and the parts are removed. After parts are molded they must go through some form of deflashing to remove flash that is inherent in Compression Molding.

At our Princeton, Indiana facility we have seventy two (72) presses for compression molding. Molds vary from single cavity to a few hundred cavities. These molds vary in size up to thirty-six (36) inches square. As the number of cavities in a mold is increased the tool cost is increased, however the part piece cost is reduced.

Rubber Compression Molding


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