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Research and Development

A major emphasis at Mid-States Rubber Products is materials technology, an effort led by our Chemistry Laboratory. Our chemists and technicians develop and test new compounds using synthetic and natural rubber polymers, matching formulations to exact customer specifications as well as identifying thermoplastics to best fit a customer’s application.

Supporting their work is a modern, General Motors certified, 6,000 square-foot laboratory that houses state-of-the-art equipment including a lab Banbury, mills, extruders, ovens, presses, ozone cabinets, low-temperature chambers, and equipment to test resilience, tensile strength and modulus.

Other R&D activities include the development of prototype parts and the design and construction of equipment for endurance testing. Quality Assurance is an integral part of our R&D effort. Before production begins, our lab technicians perform a battery of quality checks on all factory batches. Test results are charted and archived in a database system to aid in material advancements.

Our entire R&D program is customer driven. We want to ensure that only the highest quality material goes into every product.

Research and Development


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