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Rubber Grommets, Isolators and Mounts

All types of Rubber Grommets are manufactured at Mid-States Rubber Products using various rubber compounds that are mixed in our Mixing Department. These grommets vary in size and can be made in different durometers and colors as required by the application. When required wiring grommets can be made resistant to electricity. Grommets can be manufactured to have heat, flame, ozone, fuel, and oil resistance if so dictated by the application.

Isolators used to reduce noise and to insulate between metal components are manufactured from both rubber compounds and also from plastic materials in both black and colors. These isolators can be manufactured with internal lubricants to reduce friction.

Rubber Mounts are manufactured using different materials and durometers as required by the application. Mid-States Rubber Products molds all sizes of compressor grommets as well as large mounts for portable generators. Small motor mounts are also made for small fan applications.

Rubber Grommets, Isolators and Mounts

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Rubber Grommet, Isolator and Mount


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